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A grant is money, or a voucher, that contributes to or completely covers the cost of you buying something.

Free Boiler Grants are available for qualifying homes to have their old in-efficient boilers replaced completely free of charge. The Free Boiler Grants are available in Wales to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.


Apply online in 2 minutes
Apply online in 2 minutes
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Book your free survey
New boiler is installed
New boiler is installed

How does it work?

Free, and heavily subsidised replacement boilers are available via ECO, a Free Boiler Scheme which has been set up to help low-income households access home efficiency improvements to reduce the cost of heating their homes and to reduce their carbon footprints. If you meet the benefits related criteria, and your current boiler is at least 5 years old (not condensing), you could qualify. It's that simple!

Boiler Grants are non-repayable, this means you do not have to pay any money back at any time. There are no complicated terms and conditions. If you qualify for a grant, you can have a new boiler installed along with new heating controls (where necessary). The amount of funding you get is determined by the efficiency of your home, so an energy assessment will be carried out free of charge. In some instances a small contribution may be required.

Grant funding is currently available for gas boilers, oil boilers, LPG boilers and electric storage heaters. Free oil/LPG boiler funding is due to end in September 2019, apply now!

2019 ECO3 Update: Unfortunately, grant funding is no longer available for landlords/private tenants under new ECO3 rules. If you require a new boiler for a tenanted property, we'd recommend visiting where you can get a fixed online quote for a new replacement. You can even spread the cost with low monthly payments which include 0% interest FREE credit.

Who qualifies for a FREE boiler?

If you receive the correct combination of income-related benefits, including tax credits, income support, ESA or JSA, then you could have your old boiler replaced with a brand new one for little, or no cost.

As well as receiving the correct combination of benefits, your current gas, oil or LPG boiler must be at least over 5 years old. If it is less than 5 years old, the scheme makes an assumption that it is more cost effective to repair your old boiler, than it is to have it replaced on the scheme.

Some of the benefits mean that you will qualify for a boiler grant automatically, with no other requirements. With some others you may need to have an extra qualifying component such as being responsible for a child under 16, be of a certain age etc.

If you don't claim any benefits, you could consider paying monthly for your new boiler. Visit and get a fixed quotation with 0% interest FREE credit.


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How is my new replacement boiler free?

Because we are part of the EU, the UK has been set very large targets to reduce the carbon footprint of its housing stock. ECO, or, the Energy Company Obligation plays a huge part in hitting this target. Built into everybody's bills is a small percentage of money which is paid towards ECO, the Green Tax. This money is controlled by the Big Six energy suppliers and they are now obliged to fund the installation of free boilers and home insulation in to low-income households and those who are most vulnerable.

Reduce your gas, oil & LPG bill for free

By replacing your old, in-efficient or broken boiler with a brand new, A-rated boiler you could reduce your energy bills up to £300 per/year. Think of it like this - if your current boiler is 65% efficient, this means that for every £1 you spend on your heating, 35p is quite literally being wasted. By comparison, modern boilers are 90% + efficient. This means that a new boiler will have wastage of less than 10p for every £1 which you spend. If you receive the correct combination of benefits, you could have your old gas, oil or LPG boiler replaced for free via the ECO boiler grant scheme.

Boiler scrappage scheme

The boiler scrappage scheme was a program which used to run and gave customers cashback for replacing their old, in-efficient boilers. Unfortunately, that scheme is now no longer available and applications are closed. If you claim benefits, apply for the ECO scheme. If you don't get any benefits, considering paying monthly for your new boiler with

How much do new boilers cost?

This depends on the type of installation you need. A typical combi boiler swap or regular/system boiler should cost no more than 1,500-2,500 pounds. If you require a more complex conversion, your new boiler will cost somewhere in the region of 3,000 pounds and sometimes higher.

What is the best boiler?

It's hard to say exactly, but, if you're after a reliable boiler with a long warranty, you can't go too wrong with a Viessmann. They're German engineered and are growing in popularity. If you're obtaining a new boiler via the ECO scheme, you may not get a choice on the boiler model or brand. To compare boilers suited to your home visit